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Youtube is one of the social media platforms owned by GOOGLE, which lets people share, view, upload videos for free. Youtube was founded by the former workers of Paypal Mr. steve Chen, chad Harley and jawed Karim. It was launched on 14 February 2005.

What is Youtube marketing

Youtube has the option of like and dislike, and viewers can subscribe to one’s channel if they like. Viewers could comment and share their view with fellow YouTubers, and it also acts as an engaging tool between the viewer and the creator of the video.

On Youtube, you will find a variety of content in the form of different videos, such as educational content, animations, music videos, TV clips, gaming videos, DIY, events, etc. which makes youtube the most prominent online video Website worldwide.

The majority of content on youtube is free to watch, although it sometimes underlines regional restrictions for reasons such as copyright.

Talking about youtube statistics.

1. It has the total number of 30 billion daily active users.
2. One-third of absolute time is spent watching videos.
3. Over 1,350,000,000+ people are enjoying the services offered by Youtube.
4. As per various sources, 300 hours of video get uploaded to YouTube in every minute and 5 hours of video content every single second!
5. YouTube is right now the second most used website after Google.
6. And it ranks number 1 as the most popular video sharing site.

The above statistics clearly explain how YouTube provides the best platform for creating business awareness and marketing, where viewers regularly cycle and share videos with friends, co-workers, and family members.

As mentioned above, more than 2 million people of all over the world now use youtube regularly to entertain themselves, which makes it easier to find your target audience. Youtube is a magnetic social media platform which successfully brought all the target audience into one single platform.

You don’t have to look for your audience on different websites and multiple social media. Youtube alone gives you a unique opportunity to reach your target audience. Because whichever social media they might use, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or a Blog, at the end of they will pop into YouTube to watch a video to entertain themselves.

And thanks to the robust algorithm of YouTube that keeps suggesting more similar videos that hook a user and keeps him/her checking out one video after another.

So YouTube now has your target audience or, to be more specific, your prospective clients. And since you want them driven to your site or store, so you start doing marketing on YouTube. And it’s called YouTube marketing.

You must be thinking about how to enter into youtube marketing world?

Well, my answer would be it is as simple as making a sandwich, but the key to success is consistency! As consistency is something which is one of the essential strategies needed to grow on youtube.

So, there are two different ways to do YouTube marketing.

1) Traditional advertisement
2) Influencer marketing

Traditional Advertisement

It’s the old-school method of digital marketing. You pay YouTube to show a quick advertisement for your company. And whenever someone makes a click on your ad, you will be charged a fee. In return, however, you will get a lead driven to your site.

The downside of this traditional marketing is that it’s highly expensive. You have to pay a whole lot of bucks to show ads in these ways. But that’s not the worst part. It’s the poor ROI that is making this traditional marketing a thing of the past. If you pay attention, then you notice YouTube itself provides an option to skip those conventional ads.

And thanks to Ad Blockers, which now automatically blocks those traditional ads from popping up. So, it’s easy to do a YouTube Marketing with traditional ads, but the result it generates is unfortunate. And this is precisely why skilled marketers are now leaving it behind.

Influencers Marketing

As the traditional YouTube marketing losing its grip, a new form of marketing showed up in the marketing. And it’s Influencers Marketing. The beauty of this marketing is that it markets your brand without bothering your target audience. You know, people on YouTube always subscribe to a particular channel and check out its videos almost every single day.

And thus, they start being influenced by that YouTuber, which ultimately gives him/her authority over their emotions. So, when he/she markets a product, people take it more positively because they already trust that YouTuber. And that opens up a new window of opportunity for marketers.

They now find out top YouTubers who talk about their industries and who are followed by their target audience. And once they find them out, they send an invitation for collaboration. They pay a top YouTuber a certain amount of money for promoting their brand. And since that top YouTube already has a large and loyal fan-base, so it drives a whole lot of instant leads to a brand website. And thus, YouTube Influencers Marketing generates fast and far effective results for brands.

So, YouTube Influencer Marketing is right now the best way to get leads from YouTube.

Some unique benefits of Influencer marketing:

1. You don’t have to spend years on building a new subscriber base from scratch
2. You don’t have to spend hours after hours creating contents
3. No need to wait for months to get the result from your marketing campaign.

The YouTuber you team up with will already have an established subscriber base. So you pay him/her a few bucks, and in return, you get a chance to use their established fan base for marketing your product.

So do YouTube Influencer Marketing if you want to get some quality leads driven from YouTube. It takes least efforts, times, and of course, money to run a successful marketing campaign with a top YouTube influencer.

Strategies of youtube marketing:

Strategies of Youtube Marketing

My first strategy would be to BE YOURSELF: There are millions of creators on youtube, and to stand out and to make yourself to be liked and watched, you should have that one particular thing which will make your viewer or your subscriber stick to you and choose you from the whole community of youtube.

Title: A title should reflect the topic of your video and should also include keywords that you wish to rank for. It is strongly suggested to fit into a 60 characters limit to avoid being cut off in result pages. Don’t overhype your title, don’t make false promises; also try to omit all caps letter.

Description: Youtube allows descriptions of 1000 characters long, but it is not necessary to take up all the space. Youtube is a platform where people go to escape from reading, so don’t make your description too long, which will force them to read. Only two-three lines of text will be displayed. So, try to put relevant keywords from the title.

There’s always a show more option which can users click if they are interested in knowing further about your description. Lastly, you must not forget to put your other social media details and links to your websites, as well as relevant hashtags.

Thumbnail: A thumbnail is what you are supposed to take very seriously because this is precisely what catches viewers’ eyes first. Creating thumbnail on your own would be the best, looking at how characteristic technical works, the best idea would be to upload the image. A thumbnail should be attention-grabbing, tease potential viewers, and reflect a video’s subject.

Tags: Tagging is probably the most natural part of optimization. It is suggested to use relevant tags and not to overuse tags, 10-15 tags would be more than enough.

CREATING DIVERSE CONTENT: With millions of creators on youtube, welcome millions of ideas of content. You are expected to come up with freshly brewed content which is not copied and stolen from any other YouTuber.

RESEARCH: Be thorough with your research on your audience. Understand their preferences, the kind of video they like to watch, the type of video which you are making, and they are not wishing. See if there is any other channel of any other YouTuber who is of your same niche, or if your content is similar.

LISTEN TO YOUR VIEWERS, SUBSCRIBERS: Youtube allows your subscribers or viewers to comment. It acts as an engaging tool between you and your audience. You need to read those comments, reply to them. Respect their suggestions and positively take them. It helps in maintaining a healthy relationship between you and your viewers.

Identify & study your competition: To win any race, the first thing required is to know your competitor. It’s safe to study them well and understand there tactics, strengths, and weaknesses.

Your Bio: Make sure you leverage your bio well. Include the right keywords in your bio and other relevant information like website, contact details, other social media details, etc.

Innovate: Keep your content useful and fresh always. Use your audience preferences in mind while planning your content.

Leverage SEO well: Identify the right keywords to include in titles, descriptions, etc. of your content. It will help in ranking your videos high.

TRY WORKING WITH INFLUENCERS: Build relationships with industry influencers so that you can leverage the same for content and amplification. The best way to advertise your products on YouTube or even to promote your channel is by working with an influencer and doing collaborations. Around 60 percent of people trust the opinions of their favorite influencers. Entering into an influencer tuned in the audience can result in huge returns.

Use other social media: Share your content on other social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
Focus on Analytics: Depend on analytics to find out what’s working and what’s not.

Remember, it’s a long game: YouTube strategy is a long game. Be prepared.

Many strategies could help you to reach from zero to one in this youtube world, but as discussed above, the most crucial plan is to be consistent. You have to be consistent in putting in the work to develop the youtube channel and promote your videos. Without that, none of the strategies will work.

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