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How to hide last seen in GB WhatsApp

How to hide last seen in GB WhatsApp

Since the launch of WhatsApp, it has become the most famous and highly used social media platform since then. Nowadays you can never see a mobile without WhatsApp in it. Some may argue that people have become addicted to it, but the reality is that much of our work will remain undone without WhatsApp.

Many of our office work such as reminding others with memos, sending important documents and updating others with latest notices can be done using WhatsApp. This is not only easy and efficient but also saves a ton of time and improves or performance.

But everything has a backside. Here the backside to the original WhatsApp is the absence of some features which would make the user experience more exciting and fun. It lacks some features such as hiding your last seen to a specific person or even pause it.

These features can help you save yourself from awkward situations and avoid people who trouble you unnecessarily. Whatever the reason may be, this version will save you many times. The great thing about this is that the user interface is exactly the same to the original one which will make it easier for you to use the version without any issues or difficulties.

There may come a time when you will need to hide your last seen. This may be a result of you trying to avoid a situation or even trying to avoid a person. Whatever the reason may be, this is a great feature which will save you is the tensest conditions.

The original version of WhatsApp lacked this feature. Not that it didn’t exist, but when you applied this feature, you couldn’t see other people’s last seen too. But with the alternate version, you can hide your last seen, but also you can see other people’s last seen.

Steps to hide last seen

Firstly, you must not forget that you will need to take a backup of your original chats and media in the original WhatsApp.

For this, you need to head to Settings, there you will need to head to Chats under which you will find Chat Backup.

Here you need to choose the backup option and take a backup of your data, make sure the data is backed up on your device.

Now you will need to uninstall the original version of WhatsApp.
On Google, you will find many links to install GB WhatsApp.
Choose the one which you find safe and install GB WhatsApp.
Don’t forget to enable install from unknown sources in your handset.
After installing you will get the option to restore the chats to which you must select yes.
After restoring, head to Menu. There you will see a long list of options.
You will need to select the Privacy tab. Under that, you will get the option to hide your last seen.
By selecting that, you have now hidden your last seen.
You don’t need to worry as you still will be able to see other people’s last seen.

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